Streamline your Business Operations (The secret of true greatness lies in simplicity)

With a proven track record of successfully delivering SAP EAM & Logistics Solutions, Goldewijk Consultancy can help you achieve your business goals and take you to new frontiers of understanding and excellence, creating a platform for your business growth and improvement.

Goldewijk Consultancy is the all-round SAP Logistics service provider for profit and non-profit organization that operate on a project or service based contract. 

We design, develop, create, implement, optimize and manage integrated automated solutions based on standard SAP software.
 Doing all this according to the philosophy that the secret of true greatness lies in simplicity.

EAM Consultancy.
Goldewijk Consultancy is a professional services provider dedicated to the development of world-class Maintenance and Asset Management programs and the implementation of automated solutions to support those programs.
We proudly partner with our clients to accomplish knowledge transfer and to develop quality training programs that assure successful transition to new concepts. We help our clients maximize the benefits of an SAP-based EAM (enterprise asset management) program.
Please have a look at our track record of services supplied and see if our way of working is of your interest. If there are any questions or remarks please drop me an e-mail.

Kind regards,
Rob Goldewijk